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  1. Vital Vitamins for Women

    As a woman, it is of utmost importance to take care of your health, but some health issues are easier to spot than others. There is always the potential that you are not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body really needs. A diet of healthy food is always the first line of defens…Read More

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    4 Vitamins To Boost Energy

    More often than not, when you are experiencing low energy levels, it is due to a poor diet or lack of physical activity. However, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and workout regularly, but are still not feeling energized, vitamin supplements can help!  We at House of Nutrition provide a wide va…Read More

  3. House of Nutrition – Our History

    When it comes to taking care of your mind and body, you want to know that the ingredients you are consuming are from a trusted source. At House of Nutrition, we work with only the best brands on the market to provide you with high quality supplements. With over 50 years of experience in this industr…Read More

  4. Vitamins For Women

    Making sure that your mind and body are healthy and operating to the best of their ability can be a tiring task. Even if you are regularly exercising, eating a well-balanced diet and living a healthy lifestyle, you might still be lacking in essential nutrients that your body needs. That’s where vi…Read More

  5. Vitamins For Men

    A lot goes into keeping your mind and body healthy. Everything from eating a well-balanced diet to exercising and making smart lifestyle choices contributes to your overall health. An aspect that many people neglect to pay attention to is making sure your body is getting all of the nutrients it need…Read More

  6. What Vitamins Do Part 2

    In our continuing series on vitamins, The House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie will dive deeper into specific vitamins and their benefits to the body. We offer vitamin delivery service for those who can’t make it into our storefront. Order your natural health supplements today! MORE VITAMINS YOUR BO…Read More

  7. What Vitamins Do Part 1

    In our last blog post, we touched upon how vitamins are organic compounds that your body needs in order to perform certain processes in your body adequately. In this blog post, The House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie, a vitamin and supplement store, will take a deeper look at some of the 13 vitamins …Read More

  8. Vitamins 101: Back to the Basics

    As a kid, you were probably told to take your vitamins in order to be healthy. But you probably didn’t know exactly why. The House of Nutrition is the best vitamin and supplement store inn Poughkeepsie. We offer the best brands of vitamin supplements for all of your needs. In this blog post, we’…Read More

  9. Vitamin Supplements for Kids

    Kids can be picky eaters, which makes parents wonder if our kids are getting enough vitamins and minerals they need when all they will eat is macaroni and cheese. In this blog post, House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie, a natural health store, will review the benefits and importance of vitamins for ki…Read More

  10. 5 Vitamin Supplements That Might Help Fight Depression

    Do you know someone who struggles with anxiety or depression? Chances are very good that you do. From social concerns to personal stressors to chemical imbalances, there are lots of factors that can make someone feel sad, anxious or depressed. As a matter of fact, anxiety and depression are a lot mo…Read More