A few of the signature ingredients you need to incorporate into your daily vitamin routine are different amino acids, which are critical for making up the various proteins in the human body. House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie, NY is capable of helping you ensure you get all the BCAAs supplements — also known as branched-chain amino acid supplements — you need to maintain your health. Our vitamin and nutritional supplement store offers various name-brand products either in-person or through our delivery service to help you get the products you need. Browse our House of Nutrition website now to discover all the different BCAAs supplements we offer and learn more below about how these additions to your diet can provide several benefits. Read on and place your order today!

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Increase & Encourage Muscle Growth

Whether you exercise on a daily basis and want to fuel your workout sessions, or you’re interested in improving your body and getting stronger, BCAAs supplements can help. The amino acid leucine, which these products can contain, can potentially help stimulate protein synthesis; in short, this process is key to muscle mass growth. To get as much as you can out of your workout, choosing a BCAAs supplement over a traditional whey protein shake can possibly provide the same general benefits while also providing the energy you need to strengthen your muscles. In fact, according to PubMed Central, patients can reap the rewards of up to 22 percent greater increase in protein muscle synthesis. Find your new favorite post-workout drink now at House of Nutrition!

Decrease Overall Muscle Soreness Post-Workout

In the same vein as how BCAAs supplements can help encourage protein synthesis in the body, these House of Nutrition products can also help with muscle soreness. In the hours and days following any workout, it’s very common to experience soreness in the arms or legs, especially if it involves heavy resistance training or lifting. But by shopping for dietary supplements with House of Nutrition, this can be combated! It’s possible, according to several studies from PubMed Central, for BCAAs supplements to help decrease the breakdown of proteins during exercise and thus decrease levels of the body’s muscle damage indicators. This is critical for speeding up your recovery time after a hard workout and thus keeping you motivated to return to the gym the following day. Next-day soreness can hinder your performance at the gym but taking BCAAs supplements beforehand can help get you feeling like normal.

Reduce Post-Exercise Fatigue

After a hard workout, no matter what type of exercise is performed, it’s very common to feel fatigue as well as soreness. This exhaustion can leave you feeling incapable of doing anything else after you get back from the gym, but BCAAs supplements from House of Nutrition can help. By incorporating these products into your pre-workout routine can help prevent the decrease of BCAAs in the blood during exercise, which is what triggers the release of the amino acid tryptophan in the brain. Taking BCAAs supplements from House of Nutrition can potentially lead to improved focus during exercise itself and help the body to develop less of the fatigue-inducing serotonin after a workout. Find the right one for you online now!

Improve Your BCAA Levels with the Right Foods

In addition to investing in the BCAAs supplements from House of Nutrition, it’s possible to experience the benefits of these products by eating the right foods. Anyone can take in large amounts of these amino acids by eating a diet filled with foods that are known to be rich in protein, which can include meat, eggs, poultry, nuts, dairy products, and legumes. However, if you need a little more help, BCAAs supplements are an affordable way to get the right dosage whenever you need it. Browse our House of Nutrition online store now to find the right product for you or make use of our delivery service!

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House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie is known for being the go-to location for vitamin and nutritional supplements, as well as natural skin care products. We’re proud to provide our shoppers with several BCAAs supplements that can help improve your pre-workout and post-workout experience. Our top-rated, local business is aimed at helping local residents be the best, healthiest versions of themselves. Browse all our products online now to learn more!