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You’ve heard about health supplements on commercials, on the internet, from your friends and family, and probably plenty other places along the way. While it has become a common term, there are still a lot of questions that come along with natural health products. 

At House of Nutrition, we believe in treating your body like a temple. Known for our large selection of vitamin and nutritional supplements, we are here to answer common questions when it comes to health supplements and your own personal health in this blog.

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What Is A Supplement? 

Supplements can come in a variety of forms, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, enzymes, and the list goes on. Whichever form you consume, they supplement your diet. This means they can enhance or add to your existing diet. If you are lacking a certain nutrient or food group in your diet, you can take natural health supplements to help ensure your body is receiving all of the nutrients it needs on a daily basis. 

How Do Supplements Work? 

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients that are taken in conjunction with one’s diet. While a well-balanced diet and regular exercise usually does the trick, health supplements can be taken to enhance or complete the nutrients that your body receives from the food you consume on a daily basis. There are a large variety of supplements that may contribute to higher energy levels, quicker recovery, stronger bones, and more! If you’re interested in using health supplements to achieve your fitness goals, stop by our health supplement store in Poughkeepsie. We have an on-staff nutritionist available to answer your questions and find you supplements to help you achieve your goals. 

Do Natural Health Supplements Need FDA Approval? 

All prescription and non-prescription drugs in the United States are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, health supplements were defined as a category of food by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in 1994. The manufacturer of supplements has to provide the FDA with reasonable evidence that the new ingredient is safe before it is able to be sold to consumers. 

How Do You Know What Health Supplements You Should Take? 

The simple answer is it depends. Your diet, exercise patterns, and other health factors will determine which supplements you could benefit from. You can chat with your doctor about which supplements may help you achieve your health goals, or you can talk with our on-staff expert nutritionist for suggestions.  

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