You have been dieting and working out and taking all of the right nutritional supplements to shed the pounds and get healthy again, and let’s face it — you deserve a reward. Contrary to the monastic approach that some people take to fitness and health, treating yourself with a reward to congratulate yourself on achieving your goals is important. You just have to choose the right kind of reward. At the House of Nutrition — Poughkeepsie’s local nutritional supplement store — we get it. “Cheat” days, or taking just a small bite of calorie-rich chocolate cake can feel like rewards, but they move you in the wrong direction, while also teaching you to tell yourself that eating poorly is rewarding.

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss five different ways you can reward yourself for all of your hard work and well-earned achievements without having to break away from the good habits that you have built.

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Celebrate Your Appearance

You’ve worked hard so you can look in the mirror and feel great about yourself. When you’ve reached a new achievement point or conquered a new fitness goal, celebrate your appearance. There are lots of great ways to do this. We recommend getting a new haircut, purchasing some new clothes that show off the aspects of your work you are most proud of or splurging in a way that you don’t normally treat yourself, like with a manicure or massage.

Explore A New Place

Another great way to avoid the trap of indulging in food as a reward is to hit the road and explore somewhere new — after all, the last time that you struck out into unknown territory you found the self-discipline and pride to tackle your fitness, health, and self-image. Take a day off of your usual weekend routine of laundry and errands and get in the car (or on your bike) and head out to a nearby town you’ve never visited. If you’re feeling more ambitious, take a slightly longer day trip and check out a historical site or another significant landmark that might take longer to get to.

Swap A Work Out For An Athletic “Fun Day”

One of the best ways to keep your fitness at the forefront of your celebration is to swap out your usual work out for something more fun that will still get your heart beating. For example, if you want to change up a leg day, instead, drive to the mountains and go on a stunning, 10-mile hike with some decent elevation gain (we recommend 2,500 to 3,000 feet in total gain). Trading out a cardio day? Get together with friends and organize an afternoon of soccer, basketball, or volleyball — something that gets you out of the gym while still taking care of your overall wellness. Upper body can be harder but we really like heading out to a field with some friends and doing our own version of the Highland Games (throwing heavy things as far as you can is surprisingly satisfying).

Inspire Yourself All Over Again

When you first started your fitness journey, you had to work to discover what it was that lit your fitness fire. As a way to celebrate your success, do something that will help re-instill the zeal and momentum that got you this far. If you enjoy art, go to a traveling exhibit and wonder at the dedication and vision that it took to create such masterpieces. Are you the kind of person that likes a mental work out? Enroll in a class or go to a talk at the local university on a subject that you find invigorating.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Now that you actually enjoy breaking a sweat and getting your heart rate up, you will probably get a kick out of things that spike your adrenaline. Some other great ways to reward yourself for a job well done that doesn’t involve breaking your strict and healthy diet come in the form of thrill-seeking activities. Bungee jumping, skydiving, and amusement park rides all top our list. For something a little different, enroll in a performance or stunt driving course.

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