If you exercise at all, hang out at the gym, or go for runs, you probably see your friends drinking recovery drinks. But why? In this blog post, House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie will explain recovery drinks and why you should be drinking them after a workout. We offer a wide variety of sports nutrition supplements. Visit our store in person or online today!


Many things happen in your body as you workout. First, you are taxing your body’s system, so all the neurons in your body begin to fire. Muscles need energy in order to do squats and pull ups, so your body begins to burn fat and carbohydrates in order to supply your muscles with energy. This produces heat and raises your body’s temperature. Your heart rate rises to pump blood to your muscles as well, which delivers oxygen and nutrients they need to keep working at the demanding pace you are setting. Endorphins are released, which instantly puts you in a better mood. Your brain experiences more blood flow, which allows you to think better. Your joints and bones become stronger. And your muscles grow.

However, all of this taxes your body, sometimes to the point of detriment. Exercise causes your body to lose energy and strength. Aerobic exercise such as running can deplete glycogen stores and dehydrate you, and anaerobic exercise such as weightlifting can cause micro tears in your muscles, making you feel sore.


  • Recovery drinks help you recover. Depending on your workout, you can use up a lot of energy and fuel. Afterwards, your body still needs fuel so recovery drinks help replenish fluids, energy, and electrolytes lost during your workout and prepare you for your next workout.
  • Recovery drinks help you to build muscle. Your muscles work hard during workouts and do experience tiny tears, which results in them getting bigger. However, muscles need protein and glycogen. If your glycogen levels get too low, you can actually lose muscle mass. By drinking a balanced recovery drink full of protein for muscle repair and glucose, which builds glycogen (found in carbohydrates), you will build muscle instead of risk losing muscle.
  • Recovery drinks help prevent fatigue. Your body needs fluids and energy after a workout in order to function. If it doesn’t get it, you’ll feel lethargic as your body attempts to conserve energy. Sports nutrition supplements rapidly get you the nutrients your body needs to continue your day-to-day activities.

House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie is proud to offer a wide selection of recovery drinks from the best brands. We understand the importance of refueling after a workout so you can be energized and see the results you are seeking from your workouts. We have nutritionists on staff who can help you select the right products for your needs. We also offer home delivery of our nutrition products to accommodate your busy lifestyle. If you’re looking for the best sports nutrition supplements, visit us today!