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More often than not, when you are experiencing low energy levels, it is due to a poor diet or lack of physical activity. However, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and workout regularly, but are still not feeling energized, vitamin supplements can help! 

We at House of Nutrition provide a wide variety of herbal supplements and natural vitamins to help with your health and fitness goals. In this blog post, we will provide insight into some of the most common vitamins people take to get that extra boost of energy they’ve been searching for. 


Vitamin B12

Oftentimes referenced as the “Energy Powerhouse,” B12 is essential in providing energy in your body. It produces healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen to all of your tissues and also produces the neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Those transmitters can contribute to a positive mood and optimal brain health. Now, you’re probably wondering how this translates into energy, right? In simple terms, it helps your body convert the foods you consume into glucose, which produces energy. The dosage of B12 varies for each person. Feel free to stop by our Poughkeepsie store today to chat with our expert nutritionist! 


The common solution people often turn to when looking to boost their energy is to pour themselves a big cup of coffee and let the caffeine kick in. An alternative to try instead of walking around with coffee breath is guarana. It’s a plant that also contains caffeine and can contribute to similar energy-boosting benefits. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, heart, and muscles. Instead of your daily cup (or cups) of coffee to get your energy levels up, try a natural supplement like guarana! 


Another vitamin supplement that can activate ATP in the body is magnesium. While eating a balanced diet can help increase the amount of magnesium you absorb from food, most people still don’t get the recommended amount through their diet. Similar to B12 and CoQ10, magnesium works to break down glucose into energy. If you have lower levels of magnesium or are not getting the proper amount through your diet, we recommend taking magnesium vitamins to increase your energy levels. 


Iron is a mineral that is essential to your health. Each cell in your body contains some iron, but the majority of iron in your body is found in your red blood cells. If you have an iron deficiency, you may experience fatigue, weakness, and difficulty concentrating.  One of iron’s roles is creating energy from the nutrients of your diet. Taking an iron vitamin may help with those symptoms and boost your energy levels. Chat with our on-staff nutritionist at our Poughkeepsie store to learn more and determine the right dosage for you! 

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