As a woman, it is of utmost importance to take care of your health, but some health issues are easier to spot than others. There is always the potential that you are not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body really needs. A diet of healthy food is always the first line of defense to protect your health. But what if the diet is just not cutting it and you are actually still deficient in vitamins and minerals? We at House of Nutrition know the importance of having a balanced lifestyle, and that could include taking vitamin supplements.

Diet Vs. Vitamin Supplements

Firstly, always talk to your doctor about the health issues that you might be having. They are the experts and will recommend the proper medicine. However, there are many supplements that are safe and proven effective for certain health conditions. Always be safe, and know the limits for all vitamin supplements that you might take. However, it is documented that most women are not getting the proper amounts of certain vitamins from their food. It is crucial to understand what vitamins are deficient and what the necessary steps for a solution are. A lot of food is dense in vitamins and minerals, but many people still are not getting what they need. One great solution for getting what you need is actually through supplementation. 


One of the most important vitamins for good health is an antioxidant. These are compounds that stop free radicals (bodily waste) from damaging your tissues. These can be found in many foods, like broccoli and fruit, as well as in many drinks, like red wine. A boost of antioxidants can greatly improve your health over a short period of time. Not only will it improve your health, but will also slow the aging process, keeping you looking and feeling young.

Vitamin D

One of the most potent vitamins is vitamin D. These days, most people spend the majority of their time indoors, whether they are working or just enjoying themselves. One of the real issues with the modern way of living is actually not enough sunlight. Sunlight provides vitamin D with its rays. This means that it is very common for people to be deficient in the amounts of vitamin D in their bodies. 

Vitamin D is a complex vitamin that is necessary for all of us. It helps to move calcium and phosphorus — important minerals for keeping bones strong — into your bloodstream. When your body doesn’t have enough vitamin D, it will take calcium and phosphorus from your bones. Over time, this makes them thin and leads to conditions like osteoporosis, which puts you at risk for fractures. So, if you are unable to get enough sun, you should definitely consider taking vitamin D supplements. They are very safe and have many scientific studies that back their effectiveness. For any woman, vitamin D is crucial to health.

A Complex Issue

There are just so many different vitamin supplements to choose from. It can be difficult for most people to understand what they really should be taking. Our recommendation for most women would actually be vitamin complexes. In one bottle, you will have a variety of vitamins and minerals that have been balanced for healthy living. Whatever it is you decide you need, House of Nutrition in Poughkeepsie there for you! Try our large variety of vitamin supplements to change your life!