The House of Nutrition was incorporated in 1967. We were the first "health food' store in the Hudson Valley. The health food store has always been progressive in its nature, and with that in mind, the House of Nutrition was the first store to bring Granola to the Hudson Valley! That’s right, there was a time when Granola was a foreign, weird, hippy food, only found in health food stores! We were the first to bring Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream to our area as well, and we were the sole independent distributor of Häagen-Dazs for a number of years!

The House of Nutrition has changed with the times. In its early years, it was a true health food store, with a good supplement selection. In the late 1980’s, with science and technology ever advancing, the store swung to a full Nutraceutical shop, offering just supplements, to meet our customer’s demands.

Today’s House of Nutrition is still progressive in its nature. It's still known for its large selection of nutritional supplements, and great selection of natural skin care products. There's always a nutritionist on staff to continually educate our sales associates and bring our customers the latest in cutting edge nutraceuticals utilizing aggressive research and buying practices. In recent years we've brought the store full circle, adding a small natural and organic dry goods grocery. We will impress with selection and Price!
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