The House of Nutrition was incorporated in 1967. We were the first “health food’ store in the Hudson Valley.

House of Nutrition, your Top Rated Local® vitamin supplement supply store is proud to have served Poughkeepsie since 1967. The health food store has always been progressive in its nature, and with that in mind, the House of Nutrition was the first store to bring Granola to the Hudson Valley! That’s right — there was a time when Granola was a foreign, weird, hippy food only found in health food stores! We were the first to bring Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream to our area as well, and we were the sole independent distributor of Häagen-Dazs for a number of years. We love being able to bring “firsts” to our local community and continue to do so today by being first in low prices and an extensive selection of the top brands of your favorite health supplements, vitamin supplements, nutritional supplements, and quality skin care products. We invite you to stop by and enjoy your first visit to the House of Nutrition if you haven’t been here yet.  We look forward to seeing you soon.